A bit about us

Welcome to Get Silly, where life is one big, ridiculous adventure! It all began on a day when we decided to embrace the chaos and yell out "Get Silly" before launching ourselves on bike runs – because adulting can wait, right?

Fast forward to September 2023, and my attempt at a double back flip on a mountain bike turned into a spectacular fail. The result? A broken back and a VIP pass to the paraplegic club. But hey, life has a funny way of flipping the script, and Get Silly evolved into something much more than an adrenaline-fueled catchphrase.

In the midst of rehab, I found my calling: turning my misadventure into a mission. Get Silly is now not just about defying gravity but defying the odds. We're on a mission to raise funds for spinal cord injury research and rehab because, let's face it, who needs a functioning spine when you can have a thriving spirit?

Our tees aren't just fashion statements; they're rallying cries to live life unabashedly. Join the Get Silly movement – where laughter is our favourite therapy, and living life to the fullest is non-negotiable. Because, when life throws a curveball, why not catch it with a dash of absurdity? Get ready to laugh, play, and Get Silly!

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